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Running a small business can be overwhelming because you must do everything yourself.  You are your business, and everything gets dropped at your feet.  You can’t work on your big ideas when your day is consumed with the tasks required for standard operations.  That is where I come in…


I am an operations innovation strategist and freelancer ready, willing, and able to partner with you to make your business more efficient and profitable. My focus is taking work off your plate, allowing you to make more money and become more efficient daily. My best days are when I have to figure out and organize the process. I am thrilled to wear multiple hats and switch tasks and thoughts at a moment’s notice.
I focus on standardizing your projects, backend, and operations to make your current business run well while you focus on growing your ideas and developing your next great idea. To do this, I will assess your existing business processes, determine where you need help, and build the organizational structures and strategies that will enable you to take a step back and let the operations run themselves.
What makes me different is that I don’t believe that technology is not a fix if you don’t have the people and the process behind it. I work with online business owners, professional service organizations, and boutique agencies to build effective and efficient processes that align the people, processes, technologies, and strategies. I look forward to discovering your needs and helping you exceed your dreams.
It’s a big project, but doing it will give you spare time. I know because in my spare time… I DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE AND READ COMIC BOOKS

My Software Partnerships

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I partner with many best-of-breed software solutions and provide management, implementation, and ongoing management of these tools. 


Just because I have a certification or a partnership with a vendor doesn’t mean that your needs are unimportant.  I will tell you when you need a different solution.  Long term success of your business is more important than my affiliate/partnership commission.