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Small Bets From the Couch Make Impact

Its time to stop thinking that every successful business focused on one product or service.  Instead, embrace your ideas, implement, and experiment. Call me multi-passionate, gig worker, or haphazard, but I’m building a business from the couch that works for me and showing you how you can too.

9 out of 10 businesses fail, so my plan is to go out and start 10, 20, 30 small business ideas and love the process of doing.

Join me on this journey….


My Current Projects

The monthly business and marketing calendar provides you with a calendar of products, services, deadlines, and recommendations to implement in your business every month. 

About Heather

I am an innovation strategist, serial entrepreneur, and freelancer.

That’s my fancy way of saying I’m one person building a business on small bets and projects that I find interesting. I believe that starting and running your own business must be on your own terms and must be fun.  I love to find innovative business ideas and I love sharing those ideas with you.  This site is my home base where I try out new ideas, post my thoughts, and share success with you. 
Most of my gigs start when I buy websites and companies and then innovate the business for profitability. I own and operate a variety of websites and businesses in a variety of niches. If you want to do the same, then let’s work together and put the joy back in your business.