Let’s talk about the signs to look for that indicate you might be headed toward burnout.

  • Insomnia. If your brain cannot shut down because you’re consumed with work, your sleep pattern will get disrupted, leaving you overtired, lacking energy, and possibly lacking the mental energy to make wise business decisions.
  • Procrastination. Do you cringe at the length of your daily to-do list? Did these tasks once excite you but now they make you want to crawl under a rock? Procrastination leads to missed deadlines and opportunities to promote your business.
  • Fatigue. The human body is only capable of handling so much stress on limited sleep. Certainly, you have heard the phrase “burning the candle at both ends”? That is what happens when you work yourself to the bone and do not give your body and brain enough time to recover before starting another high-stress day. At some point your body will want to give up, causing severe fatigue and other illnesses that will keep you out of the office.
  • Changes in appetite. For some people, stress causes them to overeat; for others, stress reduces their appetites. Neither extreme is good for your body. For optimal health and mental clarity, take lunch breaks away from the desk and choose natural, healthy food choices instead of fast-food items.
  • Anxiety. High stress causes anxiety, which can cause crippling fear or other physical symptoms. Keep in mind: there is a big difference between the anxiety you feel when stepping out of your comfort zone versus stress-induced anxiety that doesn’t seem to go away. 

Take care of your whole body, mind, and spirit. Get outdoors and breathe in some fresh air. Unplug for an entire weekend and live in the moment with your family. I know I am doing exactly that this weekend!

If you need help or desire support in order to avoid burnout, email me at heather@elevateix.com or set up a call through my calendar link.