I am one of the people in the United States who has resigned from a job very recently. It was more like this – wake up, decide to quit, go on with life. I’ve also been reading a lot about business burnout to make sure this doesn’t start again.

As part of my research, I thought I would collect some of the best tips and share them with you. The first tip…

Stop the Hurry Before You Start

Many rushes into the day’s business activities without pausing for breath, and working from home makes this very easy to do. Instead of commuting to a job, we get up and start work. Stop! But the preparation back in your life and build the walls between work and personal life.

How do you do this? Eating a healthy breakfast and reading the morning news is the old way. It can also be a new way.

OR – Take the first 15-30 minutes to plan your day. Clean up your desktop close unnecessary browser tabs if you have left them open. Check your To-Do list. Determine your priorities. Turn on any productivity apps you are using… then go.

We need to all stop and take a breath. And if you need a partner to help, email me at heather@elevateix.com and tell me how you want to stop the hurry.