Business burnout is rooted in overwhelm. We have gone through several years of instant change, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting any of it. It is not just mental overwhelm but physical as well. Clutter can be confusing and cause you to feel out of control. To help eliminate the issue and reduce your chance of burnout, take the time to clean and organize your workspace. I like to do this first thing in the morning before I start work, but if you feel better ending the day with a clean space for tomorrow – you be you.

Donate or toss any item on your desktop and in your home office that doesn’t’ give you pleasure or inspiration or is not helpful.

And don’t forget your computer- Computer clutter is a real thing.

Time to take a look at all those bookmarks! Delete any that no longer serve a purpose and create more appropriate folders if you need to. 

Remove apps and extensions you aren” using. They are only slowing your mind down.