The Magic of Templates

How many times do you answer email from potential clients? What about responding to customer complaints? Or mailing your affiliates about an upcoming launch?

All of these tasks and more become effortless when you use fill-in-the-blank templates that can be repurposed for specific cases/people. Templates can be as simple as a “canned response” in your email client or help desk or simple swipe files that you keep handy for use when working.

While templates will undoubtedly save you time, the real beauty is that once they’re created, you can easily outsource things like email and even sales. Simply instruct your assistant on the proper use of your templates, and you’ll be free to do other, more important things.

Not sure where to start with templates? Write your “About” and standardize the copy by pasting the same information where ever you are asked to give details about you.

Checklists Prevent Mistakes

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you perform the same tasks over and over again, it’s easy to miss a critical step. You might think you paid your affiliates this month—you might even remember doing it—only to look back and see it was never completed. This happens to everyone and the best way to make sure that important tasks are not missed is by using templates and checklists.

Templates and checklists turn smart business owners into productivity superstars, and it’s easy to get started. The next time you answer an email you’ve answered before, save your response. The next time you set up a new product in your shopping cart or create a new opt-in page, take the time to record the steps. These documents will make future projects easier and faster to complete, and best of all, you can hand them off to your assistant to do instead.

I love templates and checklists, people often think of me as a template queen. And I love to share my templates with you, email me at for direct help with templates and checklists anytime.