Working in an office with other people allowed for instant communication and conversation. When we were all forced to go home and stay away, we replaced conversation with Zoom.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love working from home and am never giving it up. (I started my own business so I could do just that) but Zoom meetings have taken over our lives and are one of the biggest reasons people burn out.

How do we fix this?

Don’t schedule every last minute of the day: Leave a block of time for the unexpected—that project that’s taking a little longer; the webinar that runs over time (but it’s precious!); picking your sick child up at school; chatting to a business client or contact that you need to speak to.

If you don’t use up your “spillover” time, use it to finish work early, or take an unscheduled Yoga break!

Protect time on your schedule by blocking it and making people hold quick conversations with you. Limit the amount of time you’re on zoom each day and eliminate one source of business burnout.