Hi. I’m Heather. Welcome to my blog. My goal with this site is to share information on the work that I do, talk about things I like, and have a little fun.

I am an innovation strategist and freelancer ready, willing, and able to partner with you to make your business more efficient and profitable.  I’m building my own business that works for me, offers a range of services that support you, and allows us all to elevate.  If you want to do the same, then let’s work together and put the joy back in your business. 

What makes me is different is that I don’t believe that technology is not a fix if you don’t have the people and the process behind it.  I work with organizations to build effective and efficient processes that align the people, processes, technologies, and strategies to make you more money and more efficient every day.  I look forward to finding out your needs and helping you exceed your dreams.

I focus on standardizing your operations, and making your current business run while you focus on growing your ideas and developing your next great idea. To do this, I will assess your current business, determine where you need help and build an organizational structure and process that will enable you to take a step back and let the operations run themselves.

If you are someone interested in growing their business, lets talk. contact me at heather@elevateix.com